Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stealing from men blanco mens 1
Since today is the last day of the Blanco jeans offer (I'll repeat, with every pair of jeans you buy, you get €5 off your next purchase) and many of you might head down to the Ermou or Athens Metro Mall stores to take advantage of it, I thought I'd share another tip with you:

Don't forget the men's section. blanco mens 2
This is a men's pair of jeans.

No really. blanco mens 3
And don't just look out for pants, remeber that amazing tee Eliza scored at the Blanco men's department? blanco mens 4 blanco mens 5
Don't you just love the little yellow details? blanco mens 6 blanco mens 7

And worn with a men's sweater, just to top it up. blanco mens 8
Ink-blue men's jeans, courtesy of BLANCO. Pomegranate cotton sweater, ZARA MAN. Yellow knit scarf, ZARA. Green pumps, SIXTYSEVEN. Floral satchel, Accessorize.

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