Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Added value valuecom SS2012 press day shot by panagiotis
At Valuecom's press day, last Tuesday.
Photo shot by Panagiotis Barous.

Orange skirt, BLANCO. Sweater with stripes and grey circle scarf, BENETTON. Brown studded belt, MANGO. Grey round-toe maryjanes, LA STRADA.

Treasures found in Spitalfields market



Photos by: 

Skirt: Early 1950s, felt and sequined flowers and leaves on velvet from  Goldmine trash
Jacket:  1930s black and green wool cut out ski jacket
Hat:  1940s plastic celluloid flowers
Sweater:  1930s

Purse:  1960s telephone purse (It really works)

Marni for H&M

With Versace still in the shops, H&M has already announced their next collaboration with Marni. On March 8th 2012, a Marni at H&M collection is released worldwide! The spring collection will have women and menswear clothes as well as accessories. I think it will be great as I love Marni, always playful and elegant. Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digitaria at 4FASHIONSHAKE IV 4fashionshake IV digitaria 1 4fashionshake IV digitaria 2 4fashionshake IV digitaria 3 4fashionshake IV digitaria 4 4fashionshake IV digitaria 5 4fashionshake IV digitaria 6 4fashionshake IV digitaria 7 4fashionshake IV digitaria 8 4fashionshake IV digitaria 9
Digitaria's presentation at 4FASHIONSHAKE IV wasn't just a fashion show, it was more like a music and art performance.

Etten composed the original music and performed live on stage along with Niadoka.

The dark and twisted (pun intended) concept was conceived by artist H.O.P.E. who has worked before both with Etten on her music video for 20.45 sling directed by Babis Makridis and also Eleftheria Arapoglou of Digitaria, designing a series of t-shirts titled "The birth of n.7" that came out on December 2010.

Buying fabrics and going to Barbican with KengKeng










photo (1)



Photos by: 
  KengKeng, Nicole Eymard, Pierre Eymard


Dress: 1940s velvet with colorful studs
Hat:  1930s flowers in mustard felt
Shoes:  1940s
Tights:  Red lace back seam
Ribbon:  Vintage floral
Coat:  1960s
Purse:  1960s telephone purse (It really works)

New in: brogues

I love brogues lately because they are chic and comfortable at the same time. I prefer wearing heels, especially platforms, but sometimes my feet need their welldeserved break and why not in a fancy pair of brogues from the H&M trend collection? Already one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

Btw, I am stuck in bed feeling sick, I think I got the flu or something. Aargh, I hate it.. I hope it will pass soon.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Im going to sell a mini collection at Audrey Grace!

I am making a mini capsule collection inspired by birds and birds nests.  The color palette will be a twist on primary colors.  I will be using velvet and silk wool jersey to ad the perfect about of fuzzy texture.  While I was creating this mini inspiration collage and shopping for fabrics
I absolutely could not wait to see them ready to go to their new homes!!  

I will update soon with progress pictures!

My collection will be sold exclusively at Jaclyn's pop up shop called Audrey Grace 
The shop will pop up in her home town: Jackson Mississippi!  
Check out her blog for more information and to see some of my friends interviews for the shop (Hannah and Ashley ), and pop in for a visit on Dec. 17th!

4FASHIONSHAKE IV - my outfit shot by ioanna hatziandreou shot by ioanna hatziandreou 4 shot by ioanna hatziandreou 2 shot by ioanna hatziandreou 1
Silk maxi skirt and pumpkin jacket, Zara. Circle scarf, Benetton. Black-and-white top, Badila. Brown leather boots, Inci. Cognac leather bag, Uterqüe. shot by ioanna hatziandreou 3
All pics shot by my friend Ioanna Hatziandrou, one of the best fashion photographers in Greece and it's not just me saying that!

Ice skating in my living room










My living room 
(still under construction but looking more living room ish)

Photos by: 

Outfit and items: 

Mittens: 1930s  rabbit fur ~ From: Bohemian Bisoux
Capelet: 1920s-30s mink tails  ~ From: Bohemian Bisoux
Coat: 1950s 
Belt: 1980s pouder blue ~ bought in Paris
Boots: Remake Victorian boots, 
(I was searching for boots that look like ice skates... SUCCESS!)
Bows: Powder blue velvet vintage ribbon
Tight: top shop

Flowers: Globe de marriage (without the glass dome)
Fox: Vintage taxidermy, from France
Book case: Edwardian
Glass cupboard: Both stacked on top of each other from: Kelly marie

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Versace for H&M

nversace for h&m 457
nversace for h&m 545
nversace for h&m 648
nversace for h&m 618
nversace for h&m 613
nversace for h&m 677
nversace for h&m 548
nversace for h&m 586
I was so lucky to get the satin skirt, biker jacket and ring from the Versace for H&M collection, which are my favourites of the collection. The quality of the items is very good and I love the jacket and skirt because they have the complete Versace staple on it; leather and satin filled with studs. The bag is from ASOS, the nailpolish is Chanel Péridot and the wedges are from Ebay.
Hope you all had a great weekend!