Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The perfect little black dress

It actually exists! And I have it.
Here are 9 reasons why this dress is so perfect:

1. It has the perfect length, the hem just hits the knee.

2. It's classic, ageless and can be worn from early morning to late night, as it's not too revealing.

3. It's by A.L.E. by Attrattivo and I got it from boutique Faltso in Samos. It feels great to support the Greek fashion industry as well as local shop owners.

4. It's a blend of non-stretchy wool and viscose, which is very flattering to the body and makes it perfect for most seasons, plus easy to care for.

5. It has belt loops, a feature very much appreciated by a belt-obsessed girl like me.

6. But it can also be worn sans belt, thanks to the already cinched-in waist.

7. As it's not stretch, it has a very practical zip down the back which reminds me of the way they used to make dresses back in the day.

8. Simple as hell it may be, but it still has some cute, interesting details like the gathers on the left shoulder.

9. And it has pockets. I rest my case.

My only negative observation is this:

Why on earth didn't Attrattivo keep producing this cut, in other fabrics (maybe a summer blend) and other colours? I'd buy at least 3 more versions of it, were they available.

Seriously you Greek companies, you all enjoy scrutinizing ZARA, but you never take a moment to stop, think and use their success to improve your own business.

Why are all these fast fashion companies so successful? Because they listen to what the consumer needs and make it for them. And because of that, they sell tons. So if any of you Greek fashion manufacturers read me, take this in account. Next time a product like that flies off the selves, make more of it. In more colours and in different fabrics. Even if it's for the next season.

And we'll sure as hell buy it.

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