Monday, May 9, 2011

Black, white, red and green

Pepper that is.

More precisely, whole peppercorns of various colours and other spices that have been residing in my kitchen ever since my friend Greta gave them to me as a gift from her trip in Istanbul. And yes, that's a lot of them.

Especially if you don't actually own a pepper mill. An unfortunate lack of equipment which I decided to fix quickly, given my obsession for spicy stuff and the obvious abundance of supplies. But since I don't have time nor patience to go real-life shopping for anything other than clothes and shoes, I decided to e-commerce my way out of my spice problem.I took advantage of a special free shipping offer that Greek online shop Buldoza had going on a couple of weeks ago and placed my order.

Since I like to mix my peppers, Ι decided to get one dark wood pepper mill for my black/red/green/white pepper mix and a mill-and-salt-shaker set to keep on the table for plain black pepper and salt, all by German manufacturer Fackelmann.
Oh, and a pair of American Vintage lounge track bottoms. What, you thought I could actually order online from a shop that offers clothes too and not get something from that department as well?

The stuff arrived in four days.
I am very pleased with the small mill, but sadly the large one didn't stand up to my expectations. It grinds poorly and delivers one third of the quantity compared to the small one. I'm actually thinking of placing an order for an extra couple of single small ones for my various pepper mixes.

And maybe this time I'll combine my order with this cute stripy top.

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