Friday, December 31, 2010

See me and mary celebrate new years eve all night!

There will be a live stream here:

hope to see you tonight!

Christmas PJ/childhood memories

I want to design sleep wear!

PJ : red and white stripes onsie from: J.crew
Robe: 1940s silk quilted from: Deco the halls
Nailpolish: gold YSL

Last days

I should probably call this my "time flies" ring.

And did I mention that Spyros is having a blast here in Samos?

Yesterday's outfit, quite representative of what I've been wearing these last few days of 2010 while being back home for the holidays.

I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of new year's resolutions. If you really want to change something in your life, the different number on the date won't really matter. But, since it's that time of the year again and everyone else is blurting out theirs, here are my own resolutions for the future: Less shopping and more DIY projects, less going-out and more staying in and appreciating my lovely home, less lazying around and more getting things done. Oh, and wearing more lipstick.

Happy New Year's Eve!

Grey t-shirt, ZARA. Black cardigan and beige/maroon scarf, BERSHKA. Black leather belt, vintage. Taupe skirt, H&M. Maroon tights, MARKS & SPENCER. Grey socks, borrowed from my dad. Gold angel wing ring, ASOS. Taupe leather boots, ZARA.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best wishes

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Hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as I am!
Tomorrow is new year's eve! I am going to celebrate at home with my dearest friends and afterwards we are going to a party. I am really looking forward to it! What are your plans for new year's eve?
Best wishes to all of you lovely readers and I will see you in 2011!

About my look; I am wearing a dress and jacket from Only, vintage hat, bag from pieces and Jeffrey Campbell lita's.

Christmas eve 2010

Dress: 40's maroon horse driven carriage, bows, & birds print TimelessVixenVintage
Tights: Sparkely red H&M
Eyeshadow: Dark gold mixed myself with aquarelle by Make Up Forever 
Nail polish: YSL gold
Ornament brooch:  White elephant gift from  Ashley's Christmas party

"Christmas Pajamas" and "Christmas" pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help my friend Kaylin make her comic shirts and scarves possible on kickstarter!

My friend Kaylin was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare cancer at the age of 23.  
Ever since then she has been battling against it with her creative and stong spirit.

Including making her entire senior collection with 5 looks all by hand!!! (including the accessories!!) see below for some pics

Being the trend setting fashionable lady that she is, Kaylin has continuously noticed that her fellow stylish/trendy/fuck it punk rock 20 somethings, who want to question the typical "cancer culture"  available to them for the moment, needed to be heard.

One of many experiences that inspired Kaylin to create her comics:

"I thought of the advice I'd been giving by well meaning nurses and therapists: visualize the cancer within you, imagine it dying shriveling.  Creative visualization, they called it.  I felt it was all I had left-all I was able to do proactively to save my life.  And so I imagined.  I thought Pac-man navigating the maze of my body and gobbling up dancing tumor cells."

So she teamed with her comic illustrator friend,  Jon, went down to their screen printing basement, and created  bright and vivid comics, scarves, and t-shirts!!!

Only 22 more days to go until her kickstarter ends!!!
So help Kaylin make this happen!!