Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's been a good week

...for fashion bloggers in Greece that is!

First came the March issue of Vogue Hellas, which celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Greece by featuring the multitalented Filep Motwary of uN nouVeau iDEAL, design blogger Costas Voyatzis of Yatzer, the lovely Miss Athènes, crazy duo Clemmie & Melroy and our dearest Christiana of Fashion Paths. (btw, killer legs honey!)

Then, on Friday we all gathered in Microsoft Innovation Center for the 14th GGD and watched Margarita Gourgourini of, Maria Papagrigoriou and Eleni Stasinopoulou, fashion eds in greek InStyle mag and bloggers behind, Elena of Life Full of Fashion and Haritini of The Soho Symposium each take the stand and give their personal views on fashion blogging in Greece.

The audience had a heart-warming reaction and asked numerous interesting questions, so many that I didn't even get to ask my own!

Last but not least, this Sunday, the weekly mag Big Fish that comes with Proto Thema newspaper, did an amazingly well-done six page spread about fashion bloggers in Greece featuring Alecca Rox, Life Full of Fashion, Life in Athens, Battered Couture and The Soho Symposium.

You can find it in pdf here.

The girls said it all in their very interesting interviews, I'm not sure if there's any more to say on my side, except that this is a rather pleasant change. Old media, new media... I say there's room for everyone!

Congrats bloggers!

Friday, February 26, 2010

And now, some art

Yesterday was complicated. I woke up at the break of dawn in Volos, took the bus, came to Athens, carried along 5 kilos worth of architectural models and blueprints to downtown Athens and sat through my architect qualification exams, which are not that hard, but still a bureaucratic requirement.

And then, while I had a quite interesting invitation to watch a fashion trade show starring the Next Top Model girls, I instead chose to have a drink with friends, visit an art exhibition opening and then have even more drinks with said friends.

So, about that art exhibition...

Justin Lieberman is a well-known american artist, who studied at Yale and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and who happened to actually be there at his exhibition opening, looking like a really nice, friendly and happy-looking guy (that's his self-portrait in the second picture of this post).

In total contrast with the cheerful artist, the exhibition is titled Salto Mortale and has a suicidal theme. Scattered around the gallery floor are portraits of people who have committed suicide and floating above them tied with string are brightly coloured hellion balloons marked with their thoughts. The happy, colouful space that resembles a children playground, yet carries a deathly theme, comes to be an interesting oxymoron.

The exhibition will be showing until April 8th at the Bernier/Eliades art gallery in Thission.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Process Time

Here are a few photos of my muslins
Everything is in a tan color so as to no be distracted by other design elements for now!

Dress:  Skirt is appliqued to bodice.  
There are two blocked felt shells 
that are appliqued to each breast area.

Coat:  Giant shell covers a scalloped V neckline, full circle skirt.

I had these lobster patches made to go down the arm of the coat grading down the arm in size

The above coat will be in these two colors!!  (the background is a little less orangy and more dusty colored)

shell vest is almost ready to be in final fabric, 
small photo shoot with my sister to keep me going:

outfit of the day
with purse that I had printed with one of my designs:  You can buy them on right side of my blog:

PS the notes carry on to the back!!!

The colour without name

Outfit 12.02.2010
Cashmere/silk/cotton sweater and grey oxfords, Massimo Dutti. Grey skirt, H&M. Scarf, Bershka. Necklaces, Pull&Bear. Two-finger bow ring, Erica Anenberg. Cream trench coat, ZARA.

As you may have already noticed through my previous posts, this lovely sweater is one more of my recent winter sale buys. I love its hue, as it goes with almost everything I have in my winter wardrobe and it adds some subtle colour to any basic outfit. However, I've been busting my head out to find the correct name for it, but nothing seems good enough. I thought of describing it as "purplish red" but is that the best we can do?

Please name this colour for me!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentines Day

Sorry I haven't posted in many moons
The collection will be well worth it I believe..
I will post more of my processes soon

but until then...
here is my valentines outfit

I'm soo anxious about the collection

.....and excited!

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop

Since I slept an insane amount of time and totally forgot all about the second coming of Sonia Rykiel for H&M that hit the stores today (totally jealous of the loot Little Stylist and Shopping Therapy got, by the way) I decided to compensate otherwise...

I just ordered that Mary Katrantzou for Topshop dress, the one with the green jewellery print.

It might be the most body-conscious of all three dresses, but that print is the one I initially fell in love with and the one I personally think is closer to the whole Katrantzou feeling. I ordered at least one size up anyway, just to be on the comfortable side. And yes, I know I really shouldn't be shopping any more (I'm contemplating putting myself on a shopping ban for some months) but I always try to look on the bright side: Shipping was only 6 euros!

See all four pieces of the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maloles, now with heels

Purple with black laces on YOOX.

Grey with black laces and purple clips on BLUEFLY.

Or black with electric blue laces on YOOX?

I say, grey with black laces and clips from Empoli Outlet, in my bedroom!

Moving up from Maloles flats to heels. It looks like my obsession is getting bigger.

Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with the clips... But nothing I couldn't fix myself! Coming up, a shoe repairing tutorial.