Friday, January 29, 2010

Battling cold weather in a skirt

Much like dresses, I consider skirts one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing a girl can wear. And if done right, one of the warmest too.DSC02334s
For this outfit I chose one of my personal winter staples: My black, wool-blend, high-waist, knee-length, bubble-hem skirt I made out of a 6 euro Bershka dress almost two years ago. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but elastic waists rule! That skirt is so versatile and comfortable, it's a miracle I don't wear it 7 days a week.

This time I added a grey V-neck cotton sweater (cotton means no itchiness) and my extra-long green wool cardigan (yes, the same one I have in purple-red as well).

And two scarves.

You've probably seen me doing the double scarf thing before in this blog, but in this case it's more out of necessity than looks. I needed one scarf to cover up my shoulders and chest and one other to create some sort of a solid barrier around my neck. Something I can stick half of my head into when the cold wind gets too sharp for my liking, if you know what I mean. If you don't, just scroll back to the first picture of this post.

Another tip coming up here... As I mentioned, my cardi is really long. Which is a good thing, as the longer it is, the more fabric to keep me warm. However, that also means it keeps peeping out from underneath my coat's hem. Not good, but easy to correct. I simply button it up and make it sit on my hips. No peeking allowed!

And speaking of a coat, it was the turn of my favourite green Attrattivo coat to make an appearance.
green attrattivo coat
Warm as toast!

Black bubble skirt, made from a BERSHKA dress. Grey V-neck sweater, BERSHKA. Green cardigan, MANGO. Black jersey scarf, ZARA. Black and grey print scarf, ZARA MAN. Greyish brown leather boots, ZARA. Green coat, ATTRATTIVO.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I saved (a) Luella (bag)

Never mind the details, yesterday I found myself inside a designer outlet somewhere in Athens. I saw the Luella Peony Oversized Clutch, stroked its supple napa leather and tickled the double heart charm. We fell in love on the spot, it was on sale (actually cheaper than on, I bought it and we lived happily ever after.

The end.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Battling cold weather in a dress

But not just any dress...

The basis of my favourite warm-yet-stylish cold weather outfit, is the knit dress.

Criticized by many for being too body-conscious, the reality is that if you find the perfect one for your figure, the knit dress can be really flattering. I personally swear by this A-line one by Zara. I actually own it in camel and in grey as well and they all get tons of wear every time the weather gets nasty.

But sometimes even a knit dress isn't enough. Sometimes, I just want to layer like crazy to make sure I don't freeze! This was one of those times...
I actually added two extra layers of knits: A V-neck sweater and a long cardigan, made of pure wool. This makes my dress look more like a skirt, but who cares? It's cooooold here people!

I kept my outfit from getting too bulky by making sure all three of my layers are quite thin. The objective is to be wrapped up nice and snug, but still be able to move.

To cover up my neck and shoulders - and to accessorize of course - I topped my knits with a grey pashmina and my passe-par-tout bead necklace.
cream trench coat in the cold
And after all those layers, a trench coat is more than enough. Doesn't add any more bulk and is always more preferable in wet weather, not to mention that cream is always a better choice than black for your overcoat, when your job involves places full of drywall dust.

Good to go!

Black knit dress, ZARA. Teal sweater, BERSHKA. Purple red wool cardigan, Mango. Grey pashmina, bought from a bazaar in Turkey. Cream trench coat, ZARA. Bead necklace, H&M. Brown leather bag with studs, ZARA. Greyish brown leather boots (new), ZARA.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

day 6 and 7 of 7 from LA to southern California

We were going to go to santa Barbara
and visit all the beaches along the way in a trailer.
But instead we spent our last day in the Laguna beach/ San Juan Capistrano area

I was excited that I was able to visit the oldest mission of all missions

So inspiring!!!!!!!

I Loved this area sooo much, there were beautiful cacti everywhere
adding ridiculously interesting foliage and texture to the landscape!!!!!

Deciding the rest of the trip in the nerdy trailer

new port beach

San Juan

Oldest mission

Laguna Beach

The end...