Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seen the last of 2009

For my last outfit of 2009, I chose to wear my supergirl t-shirt. It's been quite a good year for me, and I feel proud for that. I finally got my architecture degree, I had my first two real jobs, I went on trips to Bucurest, Amsterdam and York, and many other wonderful things...

Moreover, I saw this blog blossom even more. And for that I want to thank you dear readers. May we have an even more amazing year in 2010!

Green cardigan, Mango. Supergirl t-shirt, Bershka. Grey knit skirt, Benetton. Grey ballet flats, Pull&Bear. Black shawl worn as a scarf, given to me by my grandma.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Vivienne does walls

Not exactly fashion and architecture, but definitely falling into the fashion and interior design category. WWD reports that our favourite ginger grandma of fashion, the ferocious Vivienne Westwood, has teamed up with posh wallpaper manufacturers Cole & Son to produce a collaboration collection of wallpaper under the name Vivienne Westwood for Cole & Son.

According to the official Cole & Son release "the Vivienne Westwood for Cole & Son wallpapers are all based on signature designs from her fashion collections such as the iconic Squiggle print from the Autumn-Winter 81/82 Pirate collection and the more recent Cut-Out Lace from the Spring-Summer 07 I am Expensiv collection".

Inspired by fabric textures and patterns, the wallpaper designs were named quite appropriately.
Here is a small selection:

Trompe d'oeil Drape (seen above on wall)

Cut-Out Lace


Vivienne's Lace


What does Viv herself say?
"It is good when my ideas get carried over into other artistic media. This collection is a perfect opportunity to be able to work with a heritage company like Cole & Son and to see my ideas from fashion translated into the world of interiors and wallpaper."
And which one is my favourite?

Union Jack
270cm x 150cm sold as a complete panel.

Just imagine a wall covered with it...
Want, want, want!

[story via WWD, pics via Cole & Son]

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing day sales

I have spent the biggest part of those last two days on the sofa, watching movies like Zoolander and clicking on the sale newsletters that keep appearing in my mailbox. And since I really should constrain myself from buying any more stuff online (I'm waiting for one last exciting parcel to arrive after the holidays) I decided just do some virtual window shopping and present my best finds here on the blog. Far safer for my credit card bill, don't you think? On this post, my picks from


Ted Baker Waterfall Sleeve Shift
€158.98 NOW

Yeah, I know this one is still way expensive, even after the discount, but don't you just love those sleeves?

Grey and red just look great together. Plus, I love girly strapless dresses layered with t-shirts underneath. And the print on that slouchy tee... amazing!

Sugarhill Boutique Jersey Tee Sweetheart Bandeau Dress
61.62 NOW 43.13
Diesel Cloud Print T-shirt
36.97 NOW 22.18

If this doesn't look like much of a dress to you, I urge you to click on the link and see its back. Girly as hell! And with quite a big discount.

Trout & Pout Crossover Tie Back Mini Dress
117.08 NOW 34.51

Again, relaxed silhouettes are so much better than clingy ones. And that red... love!

Jovonna Batwing Mini Contrast Dress
78.87 NOW23.42

Who would buy that dress and wouldn't wear it to death? So simple it hurts, but with that perfect little twist detail on the hem.

Pepe Jeans London Fold Hem Longline Stripey T-Shirt Dress
67.78 NOW 54.23

This one earns a spot on my top-10 of LBDs. Excellent cut, flattering line, good length, cute little ruffle detail. Perfection!

Mango Ruffle Sleeved Dress
67.78 NOW 54.23

Again, I'm starting to get more drawn to simple cuts, with small creative twists. These two numbers above are perfect examples of that!

ASOS Tailored Tulip Dress
34.51 NOW 22.18
ASOS Ponti-Roma Sleeveless Pleat Front Dress
34.51 NOW 22.18

And yes, no shoes on this post. I'm one of those people who upon their visit to an on-line boutique, click on the "dresses" button before the "shoes" one. What can I say, I'm a dress-obsessed weirdo!

[all pictures originally from and edited by me]

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Couldn't wait for Santa

The presents we give to ourselves are the best ones, right?

Here are the two things I got myself from Nasty Gal.

Eternal Knit Looped Scarf by De*nada.

$54.00 on Nasty Gal (no longer available last time I checked)
$58.00 on De*nada

De*nada is a handmade accessories line, inspired by the Peruvian heritage of its founder Virginia Blanca Arrisueño. According to the press release found on her site, Arrisueño works alongside skilled artisans in Perú to create De*Nada’s growing collection.

Handmade in Perú? I'm impressed and intrigued, not to mention in love with my new scarf.

But that's not all...

I also got this amazing silver plated two-finger bow ring by Erica Anenberg.

$64.00 on Nasty Gal
$93.00 on Erica Anenberg

Ouch, Ms Anenberg. $29 more on your site and you're the actual supplier, while Nasty Gal is just a merchandiser? That hurts... Good thing for me I got it cheap.

And yes, it's two rings shy of an iron fist, but it has a bow on top, so let's put it in the "cute" category, not the " malicious weapons" one, shall we?

For my dear readers who asked about the whole ordering from the internet experience, here are my thoughts this time:

Nasty Gal
originally started as a vintage boutique, but now it stocks new stuff too. It is a really easy site to navigate and order from. The scarf and ring I got were $118 total and the shipping was $13, which I believe is a fair amount. They arrived in less than three weeks, which again I think is fair enough, considering that I checked the First Class Airmail box and not the Priority Mail or Express Mail option, both of which would be pricier. Not to mention that my orders usually take longer than that to arrive.

The only thing that puzzled me was the fact that my parcel was small enough to be considered a letter, so the postman brought it along with the mail and left it on top of my mailbox, outside my apartment building. And as fellow blogger Stella learned the hard way, this is not a good thing. Up until now I was used to the good old post office note, saying I have to pick up my parcel myself. Parcels containing cute stuff I paid $131 for, left unattended outside for anyone to steal, is NOT something I wish for.

But Santa came anyway, so happy holidays everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pieces of my porfolio

I also made my portfolio this semester
I left out the technical flats to spare you...
Now I need to make little samples
and then my portfolio will be complete!

Early fall 2012
Bambie Garden Crasher

Deer who ruin perfectly prim gardens.
Especially gardens with lattice and Ivy.
16th century wallpaper and textiles in the Skansen Park in Sweden

Holiday 2012
Ballet des Animaux Albinos (ballet of albino animals)

albino animals
the movie Red Shoes
tulle and sequins

Spring 2012
Oh no! Someone spilled on the couch!!

creepy old English/baroque/traditional couches that has spills all over.
I like the clash between the stuffy and the electric. It also can be looked at as toxic man product spilled upon nature.
Yep you heard correctly, all the spills you see on the outfits are full of satin stitch embroidery!

Summer 2012
Chameleon Chain Brooch


This collection was HEAVILY researched. It all started with a little story from a lady's childhood memories. She said that during the 1950s they wore brooches with a chain that attached to a harness on a little chameleon. I found out that there were peek periods when this was popular. In the 1890's eccentrics were seen wearing them. In the 1920s it was popular to have a chameleon roaming all over, but without a chain. In the 1950s and 1960s they were no longer chameleons, but anoles and were always attached to a harness/pin. From the 20's-60s street vendors or "bug pinchers" at the circus would sell them. Women and children wore them.

fall 2013

Treasures of the Sea

We actually had to include our final collection. Read all about it in the previous post :)