Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Giving you an Insight

Hey girls! Do you ever happen to see something you absolutely love and want, only to realize it's actually menswear?

Meet the Topsy Turvy t-shirt, from Insight's artist collaboration line. This one in particular, is printed with artwork by Justin Lee Williams. Just do a google image search with his name - it will leave you speechless.

Well, a mens t-shirt? Who cares? I wanted it! And getting it for free for helping with a project didn't hurt either... Thanks for that Athlorama Sports and Dimosthenis!

Anyway, looks like it was fate for me and the Insight t-shirt to meet, because a few weeks after that, I got a newsletter from an online boutique, saying they were having a huge sale on all their womens Insight clothes. In other words, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Let me just say, I got four items in total and I'll leave you with that for now. Big post coming next, featuring all my newly delivered goodies.

If my camera decides to behave, that is...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Inevitable, after all

Well, she already is incredible and invisible, so I guess it was inevitable for Sugahspank! to start her own blog too, a fact I discovered thanks to her leaving a comment on my dear blog-friend Lucia's latest post. I have already mentioned her before in this post, where the picture above was taken from, but if you can't be bothered to click on the link (seriously, how lazy are you? just click already!) then let me just tell ya that I admire her for her unbeatable style as much as for her amazing music.

I already know Sugahspank! is just a girl like the rest of us who really likes clothes, so should we hope to see some fashion-related posts from her?
We'll just have to wait and see...

For the time being, show her some blog-love at

Running errands

Now the whole studying thing is over, I love getting my life back to its normal pace. This Monday morning, I got up at 10 and made a huge to-do list. Boringly, most of it was about house chores, but there was also a "pick up parcels from the post office" entry.
Which, needless to say, got crossed off first thing!
Expect photos of my newly delivered goodies tomorrow.

Pegged grey sweatpants, H&M. Plain black t-shirt, ZARA. Anthracite grey long cardigan, ZARA. Stripy scarf, BERSHKA. Silver ballet flats, ZARA.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

secret date

Pierre and I go on a date every weekend
We alternate in the secret location

This weekend it was Pierre's turn

This is what I wore

waiting for food
not knowing where we will go

IMG_5828 by you.

IMG_5833 by you.IMG_5824 by you.IMG_5830 by you.

The secret location:
Opera at the ball park

IMG_5838 by you.
IMG_5834 by you.IMG_5840 by you.IMG_5863 by you.IMG_5846 by you.
IMG_5918 by you.

Watching the screen
\IMG_5889 by you.IMG_5916 by you.


IMG_5904 by you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I need to file a complaint, Im hoping I'll have fellow complainers!

Dear Marc Jacobs
Come on!!!
It really isn't fair
you could have at least launched this idea for fall
it would be great because
our identical collections
could exist at the same time
Our ideas are always intertwined, but this is when it counted!!!
The teachers stick you on the same collection for a year and a half

I have no choice, it all has to go!

but really
Ive worked on this collection for a year and a half!!
luckily I haven't sewn anything yet!!!

Now I'm going to be behind
in my fashion school thesis!!!

It is your fault

I have to re-work everything

see for your self.

I mean come on look at these pants below
stop it!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_5729 by you.sshot-432 by you.

lettersizeshell by you.sshot-440 by you.

IMG_5728 by you.sshot-438 by you.

sshot-439 by you.sshot-441 by you.sshot-427 by you.sshot-428 by you.

Compare more of my Fall designs here
your collection Spring 2010 here

Mrs. upset

Mid century Hawaii

I draped this beautiful 1940s fabric
from urban burp

IMG_5639 by you.

IMG_5637 by you.

I made this mid century platter

IMG_5586 by you.

IMG_5603 by you.

IMG_5605 by you.


IMG_5676 by you.IMG_5674 by you.

IMG_5651 by you.

IMG_5645 by you.

IMG_5659 by you.

(If you couldn't tell already it was all amazing)

IMG_5630 by you.

IMG_5647 by you.IMG_5622 by you.

IMG_5615 by you.

IMG_5679 by you.